Rainbow Industrial Company is a fully ?Vintegrated manufacturer & exporter of synthetic sling, cargo lashing, control cargo system, fiber ropes, rope nets, webbing nets, harnesses, safety products accessories, Steel wire ropes, steel wire rope slings, lifting accessories, etc. An impressive range of offer is available in every category so that customers can get everything they need at our company.

Our company possesses strong capabilities and expertise in manufacturing a diversified range of products. At present we have production line which located in Guangzhou of China and north China for synthetic ling, cargo lashing, harnesses, safety product accessories, fiber ropes, steel wire ropes, etc. We can always switch to product lines that are strong in demand. It is this great adaptability and flexibility that explain why our company has managed to achieve remarkable growth continuously.






Rainbow Industrial Company to provide the best service to our clients. Understanding their needs through effective communication is beginning. Then our company will offer them different options. Customers may select from a wide range of the catalogues of our website. Our skilled worker is carefully and hardly to guarantee every fine detail will be executed to customer's satisfactions stringent QC measures are implemented during production and prior to delivery. After the order is completed, prompt and punctual delivery is a must. Last but not least, reliable after sale service will be provided.

Internally, we provide advanced academic training to our staff trying to hoist the work Morale and enrich their knowledge. Then we can share the same idea and carry the job effectively, providing better service to our clients.

We welcome people who are interested in our products. We trust that today's collaboration is the way to the success tomorrow!

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